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Maintenance instruction for DURA textile floors


It is generally recommended to use adequately sized entrance mats for avoiding excessive soiling of textile floors in entrance areas.The soil-repellent properties of DURA alfombras - combined with the right choice of colours and design - favour a clean textile floor environment. However, regular - rather than intermittent - maintenance is required for keeping estándars high.

Daily maintenance and cleaning
Remove the dry, loose soil AND maintain the good appearance of your textile floor by daily vacuuming with a brush-action vacuum cleaner (preferably with a SEBO vacuum cleaner)

Periodic maintenance
Maintain your carpet in regular intervals with the Carpet Cleaner compound. Keep intervals as short as possible in areas of high user frequency (entrance areas, corridors, areas in front of elevators, dispensing machines…), but generally do not stretch intervals beyond one year.

Regular maintenance will prolong the lifetime of your carpet by as much as 4 times.

Intensive carpet care

  1. Prior to the actual cleaning the dry, loose soil has to be removed from the carpet either with a brush-action vacuum cleaner or the Carpet Cleaner machine with the mounted Renovators.
  2. Prespray traffic areas and individual stains with the Crystal Cleaner. Sticky soil will be loosened from the fibres.
  3. Sprinkle the Carpet Cleaner compound onto the soiled areas and brush in in all directions with the Carpet Cleaner machine.
  4. Then remove the soil-saturated compound from the carpet using the Renovators mounted on the Carpet Cleaner machine.


Removedor de Manchas

Do not wait treat stains immediately. Dab off any liquid by using a clean towel or blotting paper. Remove the remaining stain using clean water and a towel or sponge. Always work towards the center of the stain. For resisting stains best use the F1 universal stain remover from Carpet Cleaner.

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